Book Review: "MARK for Everyone"

Book Review: “MARK for Everyone” by Tom Wright (2001) SPCK.

The Bible - there can be few books about which so much has been said and written by so many who have read so little of it. Perhaps it’s not surprising; in an age which embraces fleeting Twitter messages (maximum 140 characters) a collection of books compiled over a few thousand years can seem a bit daunting. Where do you start? Well, Tom Wright, former Bishop of Durham and celebrated New Testament scholar has the answer – start with the Gospel of Mark, the shortest and sharpest account of Jesus life and ministry, and probably the earliest to be written. “On the very first occasion when someone stood up in public to tell people about Jesus, he made it very clear: this message is for everyone”. This is the basis of Tom Wright’s “For Everyone” series - that the earliest Christian writings, mostly letters and stories about Jesus, were never intended for a religious or intellectual elite, but were meant from the very beginning for everyone. Tom Wright looks at Mark’s Gospel passage by passage, writing in clear, modern plain English and using anecdotes from daily life to explain and illuminate Mark’s message. When Jesus is trying to explain to his followers that a whole new world is opening up, not just a new world to come in the future, but one which is bursting through right now, Wright says this new world is “like a chicken so keen to be born that it’s already sticking its beak through the shell ahead of the right time”. Reading the Bible has never been so easy, so enjoyable and so rewarding. It’s for everyone, and it’s for you!

Borrow it, free of charge, from St Helen’s Church lending shelf.

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