St Helen's, Escrick, Community Questionnaire

St Helen’s Church, Escrick

Community Questionnaire

St Helen’s Church PCC is working on a project to undertake improvements to the church involving restoration, maintenance and refurbishment work with a view to making St Helen’s of greater use and interest to the local community and visitors.  

Our aim is to make the church a place where a wider community will find a reason to use it and we aim to make it adaptable and open for a variety of community events while at the same time retaining its primary role as the spiritual centre of the village. Among the planned fundraising initiatives it is our intention to apply for Heritage Lottery Funding. Before submitting our application we would like to take this opportunity to ask all residents for their thoughts on St Helen’s and your views on how you would like to see your village church develop.We would be very grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete this survey. 

The questionnaire is not restricted to one per household.  If you would like further copies, please contact one of the people mentioned below or download this form from our website or via email:

To complete online please click on the link

Please return the completed form by Friday 12 February 2016 and send it via one of the following methods:


There will also be a post box just inside the main entrance to the church and one at Escrick Tea Shop in The Club. 

Alternatively, If you would like us to collect your survey or wish to discuss this further, please contact Rev Richard Kirkman: 01904 728406 or Caroline Wandless: 01904 720703.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.  We will be providing updates on our progress in the forthcoming issues of the Parish Magazine.


Rev Richard Kirkman            Caroline Wandless                John Wilson                      Christine Mason

Rector                                   Churchwarden                       PCC Treasurer                  PCC Secretary

The Church




Do you use the building to attend regular services?



Do you use the building for special services? (eg Christmas, Easter, weddings, funerals)



Is it important to you that we maintain the structure of the building?



Is it important to you that the building is used more?



In your view, what are the most important aspects of the project (please tick all that apply)

Interior & Exterior Lighting


Restoration of the Church e.g. cleaning internal walls & windows


Refurbishment of North Aisle


Restoration of internal monuments and baptistery


Kitchen facilities


Educational materials (booklets, website audio visuals)


External door and disability access


Heating system


Audio system


Refurbishment of the vestry


Besides church services, would you consider it appropriate to use the church facilities for any of the following:  If you answered yes please tick the appropriate boxes

Art exhibitions




Children’s activities


Private functions (eg funeral teas, christening lunches)


Coffee mornings/occasional visitor refreshments


Quiz nights


Other suggestions

The Church Grounds




Do you visit the churchyard?



Would you like to see any improvements to the churchyard?

Please tick the appropriate boxes:









General maintenance



Looking to the future

Would you like to see us develop any of the following and would you volunteer to help?

(please tick all which apply)







Educational Projects



Youth Activities in the church



Social Events and Concerts



Expand the website



Access for the public to go up the Church Tower



Information available in church about village walks



Interactive displays in church



Historical displays in upper room



Audio visual guides in church



Others (please detail)




A guidebook to the village



Set up a Village Trail






About Yourself

Do you use the following? (please tick all which apply)










Do you receive the Parish Magazine?





How do you find out about what is available / happening in the parish of Escrick? (please tick all that apply)

Parish Magazine


Notice Boards


Leaflets delivered to your home


Word of mouth


Posters around village





Are you?







Under 12

12 - 16







Over 70

How old are you?











What benefits do you think developing the Church and grounds would make to the village and surrounding area?





Getting Involved

If you would like to be involved in the development of the project please provide the following;


your name



telephone number


email address




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