Family Services


Family Services

What do the following have in common?  ... teddy bears, angels, a precious pearl, lost sheep and candlemass?  They are all part of the Family Services that are usually held on the first Sunday of each month in our church.

Definitely family orientated, they are usually by Dr Robert Richards and are known as the 'services without a sermon'!

Eash service has a specific theme that relates to a Christian topic/festival and aims to supplement what is taught at home and in school.

The services are very child friendly and are designed to involve the children as much as possible - from giving out the service sheets, writing a prayer for the prayer branch, collecting the offertory money and of course coming to the front of the pews to help Robert with his visual aids.  You name it and we will encourage them to join in - as much as they want to, of course!

Although the services are designed for the children, adults are more than welcome to attend and those who do have admitted that - (a) they have learnt something new about Christianity and (b) enjoyed the ambiance and relaxed atmosphere.

So come along and judge for yourself - after all age is just a number and not a barrier at these services!