Rector's Message

Dear Friends


As the schools, colleges and universities come to the end of their academic years, pupils look forward to the year ahead, some to new and challenging courses, others into the world of work.  If it is work then often employers are looking for skills and experience so that the person can satisfactorily cope with the work  that has to be done.  Many young people may not have a work experience before they apply for full time employment  though some may have had some holiday or part time experience.  In the world of work it is good to have the opportunity of learning on the job though apprenticeships and sandwich courses.  It saddens me to say that in the workplace young people are not always given the opportunity to grow into a job and older people are sometimes regarded as inflexible or lacking in recent training.  All age groups have much to offer and it is up to employers to be creative and imaginative in training and in the use of an employee's gifts and skills.  Having a fulfilling and reqarding occupation does much to sustain the wellbeing of people and gives them a sense of worth and purpose.

When we think of a person's wellbeing we might also think of their experience of the world around them, of their relaionships and the community they live in.  Often people seek to find satisfaction in things they can buy, encounter and be involved in.  Such things can be transitory.  To be valued and loved and to belong to a caring community and or family all help the potential for a person's wellbeing.

A Christian community tries to reflect God's love and care for each of us.  Though not all do so perfectly such a community reflects their experience of God, not just in the present but as he has revealed himself through history.  Think of your own experience of God.  What do you know about God and where has that knowledge come from?  If you are aware of your senses, how does God impinge on those senses of insight, knowledge, hearing, touch and sight.

May God bless you in your openness to him, to experience him is to touch the divine and he to touch you.  As the writers of the scriptures say "through him we move and have our being". Their wisdom discerned through their reflection of their experience of God tells us that he has our being and our interests at heart.  May we give thanks for his care and his generosity in giving us life.


Richard Kirkman


"For God's foolishness is wiser than human wisdom" (1 Cor. 1:25)