Rector's Message

Dear Friends

It's been like that for me too!

Some folk may know that I have been on study leave, during which time I have been looking at how we come to faith from a Christian perspective.  This I hoped would complement the 'Leading Your Church Into Growth (LYCIG)' initiative that Escrick, Skipwith and other churches across the diocese are engaged in.

Practially all of us begin our spiritual journey at a young age.  We need to answer the questions for ourselves of Who we are? Where do we come from? What is our purpose in life?  We find a way of finding our place in life, in our family, community and in the workplace.  Life brings its challenges and opportunities and our needs and the needs of others have a bearing on our lives.

Each challenge, whether good, easy or difficult, offers us choices, opens our eyes to new ways of perceiving things and perhaps causes us to think and wonder.  In our country, for the main part being routed in a Christian heritage, we are brought up with the teaching that there is a God who has brought and is bringing all things into being and sustains them as they are. That God, the Father, sent his son in human form to reveal the true nature of God and invite us into an intimate relationship with him.  This challenge of believing does not go away, whether for the enquirer or the believer it is an ongoing call to faith.

In our communities we find people with many varied backgrounds, different experiences of faith and church.  As communities of faith we are both homes of faith and examples of faith.  There are many in our communities who express their belief in God in varied ways and as churches we want to engage with you drawing on your insights and experiences of God too.  Each church can never be all things to all people, can never satisfy the wants and tastes of all.  However, I think that God wants us to explore together the meaning of life and to discover more about him.  We must surely not do this, on our own, but share the nuggets of gold God gives us with each other.


Richard Kirkman


"I proclaim to you the unknown God, Lord of heaven and earth" (Acts 17:23,24)