Rector's Message

Dear Friends

Forty Days and Forty Nights

By the time that you read this message, the snowdrops will have raised their heads and the daffodils will have begun to appear in our borders and gardens.  We will be looking forwards to the spring season.

In our church season we enter the season of Lent which begins this year, as in every year, on Ash Wednesday (this year 14 February). The season gets its name from the old English word len(c)ten, meaning 'spring season'.  The season is a season of devotion as we remember Christ's temptation in the desert and end with his death on Good Friday and celebrate his resurrection on Easter Day.

Our Ash Wednesday service this year will be in St Helen's Church, Stillingfleet at 7.30 pm (Wednesday, 14 February).

In our churches we organise Lent groups which are usually held in parishioner's homes and further details can be found in the parish magazine and on this website in the section 'Sharing Our Faith'.

Often in the New Year we think of making New Year resolutions.  I wonder how many people actually carry through with them.  Perhaps I can give you a challenge.  You might like to think about reading the gospel accounts of the life of Jesus.  If you want the shortest gospel read Mark, and if you want a fulller account then Luke.  Once you start to read you might not want to stop but try to read say just a chapter a day then perhaps you will get through the whole gospel in Lent, then you will have done something you've not done before.  You will find that reading the gospel will change how you think about Jesus and also help you understand Jesus Christ a little more.


Richard Kirkman


"He was in the wilderness for forty days tempted by Satan" (Mark 1)