Rector's Message

Dear Friends

When a child is born!

When a child is born is a song made popular by Johnny Mathis in 1976.  Though not explicitly a Christmas song, it mentions a star and the child bringing peace.  As the song mentions, the birth of a child brings hope.  There are so many possibilities for the new generation in our world today, especially for those who have access to education and a safe environment to live in. There is hope, and we pray that future generations will reap the benefit of the potential in the young people of today.

Two thousand years ago Jesus was born to a young bride and local joiner.  Our New Testament gospels relate the circumstances of his birth and the fact that it was seen then and now as a fulfilment of prophesies made hundreds of years previously written down for the Jewish people to remember.  If you are a parent or have a close relationship with children, you want the best for them.  Mary and Joseph were no doubt the same.  Who can tell what their child will become as they mature?  There are many people down the ages who have made their impact in history, and have changed the way people think and behave.  These people, "giants" of their generation; can still affect us today.  We have recently been thinking about Martin Luther and his influence on the Reformation in religious understanding (500th Anniversary of the Wittenberg 95 Theses), Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu have been people who have influenced history in our own generation in regards to racial equality.

The nativity stories, cards and decorations of the Christmas season, which culminates in the anniversary of Jesus' birth, may cause us to marvel, wonder and move our hearts to worship our God.  The birth accounts in Matthew's and Luke's gospels certainly convey the emotions of those who were witnesses then.  John's gospel says that Jesus came to bring life to believers: "life in all its fullness".

Are you open to God, for him to change you for the better, to allow him to guide you on a path that leads you to "life in all its fullness"?

Wishing and praying that you have a joyful and happy Christmas.


Richard Kirkman


"The Prince of Peace" (Ephesians 2)