Rector's Message

Dear Friends

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We are now in the church season of the Trinity.

The Trinity is a mystery, and although the believers in Jesus spoke of God in many different ways it took many years after Jesus' death and resurrection to actually speak of God as the Trinity.  It took about four hundred years for the doctrine to be fully articulated in a creed which we now call the Nicene Creed.  It was agreed by the bishops at Nicea in 381.

God the father reveals himself to us through creation, upholding and sustaining. The bible speaks about it in this way in the book of Genesis, Psalm 8, other psalms, the book of Job (towards the end) and in St Paul's letter to the Romans.

We see God the son revealed in the person of Jesus.  Primarily we meet him in the accounts in the gospels but his teaching and way of life is also seen to be revealed by the lives of Christians both then and now.  In our Christian faith he is the doorkeeper and the way to God's heavenly kingdom.

God the Holy Spirit (or the Holy Ghost) in our older prayer books has been active and seen throughout history.  The Creed says that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, and so then is inextricably linked with the both.

As a child one of the fascinations of the sience laboratory was the encounter with different materials.  One of the most interesting was the liquid metal, Mercury.  It is heavy and fluid, but you could not grasp it, and it is poisonous as well! Mercury is difficult to take hold of, a little like the concept of the Trinity.  Our glimpse of God is like a picture that captures a moment.  Take another picture and it is different, but the same.  When the poets and religious writers spoke of God they did so in many ways.  They wondered, they put down their experiences of God, but ultimately God will remain an unfathomable mystery.  Jesus said to his disciples when you have seen me you have seen the father.  Perhaps it is sufficient for us to focus on him, as he did so much for us, and promises that where two or three are gathered in his name there he will be in the midst of them.


Richard Kirkman


"Holy, Holy, Holy, is te Lord God almighty." (Rev. 4:8)