Rector's Message

Dear Friends

"Peace be with you"

As I write today, I am struck by the comparative safety of our own country and the dreadful situation in several parts of the world where people are not at peace, and where they fear for their future.  Such must have been the same feeling for the disciples when Jesus had died, where were they to flee to? Where would they be safe, what did the future hold for them?

It was in such circumstances that Jesus having been crucified and laid in the tomb appeared amongst them when the disciples were gathered together on Easter Day.  He said "peace be with you".  Jesus appeared firstly to those who were closest to him and to those who believed in him.  He promises to draw near to us too.  The peace that Jesus spoke of was not necessarily peace from the troubles of the world, but the Peace of God.

Perhaps it is when things are not going right that we turn to God in prayer, in faith and in expectation, wanting him to be aware of our situation.  We want him to intervene, to set things straight.  Is this his way?

In this Easter season as we celebrate Jesus risen, we think of the new life that he brings.  In our churches and gardens the flowers and bulbs, in this northern hemisphere, seem to reflect the new life that springs from God, the maker of heaven and earth.

Jesus offered that new life to all who put their trust in him.  He did not promise a risk free and trouble free life, he offered a life that would be in company with him, to guide and protect, to inspire and encourage.  Some homes are beginning to decorate for Easter, the giving of eggs is traditional, an ancient symbol of new life. We too put up our Easter Egg Tree and keep it up until Ascension Day.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.


Richard Kirkman


"He showed them his hands and his feet." (Luke 24:40)